Cambodia 2009: The School

Cambodia 2009: The School

The everyday life

The time in Cambodia was highlighted by the interaction with people who were living and working in an everyday manner. As they operated they embraced us into their lives. It was wonderful to view however photographs fail to provide a total picture. I will refrain from displaying photos of people as I uphold to the view that exploitation of people is to be outlawed. Here are a couple of snaps that I thought were unique for this region.

The School

We had the opportunity to visit a school to provide some pencils and paper for students. It was with heartfelt joy that we were able to add fun and laughter to the day as well as help out a little. Schools always need help as the adults of tomorrow learn and experience. We were extremely happy for this chance and thank our guide for making the arrangments.

Cambodia 2009: Guides and Tour Operators

Cambodia 2009: Guides and Tour Operators

Guides and Tour Operators

The best way to see everyday life as well as the special sights in Cambodia is to arrange a guide. They take the hassle out of getting around and explain the detail of the temples and the sights. They also have insight having lived and worked as a local. The guide we had was really great and he helped us to maximise our time in Cambodia by taking us to our prefered list of temples along with offering us a chance to experience Cambodian life. He gave us great choices, noticed when we were hot or tired and offered us options. He took great photos which allowed us to soak up the experience. I would highly recommend this guided tour option.

Temples and old

The temples have to be expereinced and it is best to have a hassle free time with a guide as we saw loads of things that would have otherwise be missed.

The Food

I don't know about you however the food is amazing. Even though there is almost any food you would like (including instant noodles) ther fresh food market is a treat. The variety is a gastromonical delight and the flavours will be difficult to replicate back in Australia.